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Boost Startup Marathon



Welcome to Startup Marathon – the fastest startup accelerator in the town! Enter the marathon if you have an idea or if you want to join a startup team. Let’s warm up. Are you ready? Get set, go!

The Startup Marathon is a 42-hour accelerator to speed up and test your startup idea. Our aim is to CONNECT startup enthusiasts to FORM a team and GO from “just an idea” to some real action. In 42 hours you will be offered a space for creativity, chance to find your ideal team and a handful of workshops, mentoring sessions from precedent successes to help you build and validate your idea.

March 2020 at SparkUp Turku.

Who can participate?
If you have a startup idea and a team
If you have a startup idea but no team
If you don’t have a startup idea but want to be part of a startup team
NOTE: This program is not for you if your startup is already developed!

More information here.

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