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FCAI and AI Business Academy – From AI idea to production


We welcome FCAI back with new information about SIG and AIX.

DataCity’s Delta auditorium on Monday 2.3.2020, 12.00 – 16.00 

We welcome FCAI back with new information about SIG (Special Interest Group) and AIX (AI idea pitching).

We review the experiences of the AIBA 2019 course and hear about the AIBA 2020 spring course. AIBA 2019 was a success with 25 participants and eight pitches at the end of the course. We have now developed the course to the next level. We here about the participants at the spring course can get their AI ideas into practice. Hear the 2019 participants company stories and the results of our AI companies’ interviews. Nearly 400 companies has been interviewed about their AI wishes and needs.

As a special bonus we will hear what the planned ÄlyFöri -project (IntelligentFerry) is all about.

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12:00 Opening words

FCAI – AIX forum
FCAI news
What is Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence?
What are AIX Forum and FCAI SIGs?
How to participate in FCAI activities?
Patrik Floreen – FCAI

AI Business Academy
Which are the gains for the universities and how can the universities help organisations in the area?
Timo Vasankari – University of Turku

AIBA 2019 experiences
New ideas and the piloting of these requires both planning as well as resources. Three of our participants tells us about the experiences and the challenges. Learn what to consider before joining the AIBA expert group.
– Tomi Juhola – Inha Tehtaat Oy (Buster boats, Yamaha)
– Kalyan Kumar Pasumarthy – Shri Services Oy
– Felix Kaukiainen – Brang Oy

14:15 Coffee break

Results from the AI interviews
The goal has been to interview around 500 organisations in our area. The first interviews were made 2019 and more interviews January 2020. Turun Yrittäjät ry has been participating by supporting the interview work.
Mikko Rantanen – Kaupallistajat

Älyföri the intelligent ferry project
A new autonomous ferry on the river of Turku. Who can join and which is the setup of the project?
Jakke Mäkelä, Project manager, ÄlyFörit – Turku City

AIBA spring 2020 launch

The first AIBA was a success and the second will be even better. There is room for a maximum of 15 companies / 30 persons. Join with your AI-idea and get a great deal of help to get it up and running. How do you prepare for the course and what is expected from you?

Sepinoud Azimi Rashti – Åbo Akademi


16:00 the event ends

More information:

Michael Lindholm
Network Manager – Turku Science Park Oy















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