Privacy statement for Turku Science Park Ltd’s recruitment

1. Controller

Turku Science Park Ltd
Joukahaisenkatu 3-5 A, FI-20520 Turku

2. Contact information for matters concerning the register

3. Purpose of the processing of personal data

Turku Science Park Ltd’s recruitment.

4. The legal basis for the processing of personal data

Controller’s legitimate interest. Turku Science Park Ltd’s legitimate interest is recruitment of employees to open positions and processing of job applications.

5. Sources of personal data

The data is only collected from the data subjects themselves, and the data subjects have the possibility to decide themselves to what extent data is given. Personal data is only processed to the degree as is necessary for the implementation of the aforementioned purposes and in a way that the data subjects can reasonably expect when they give the data.

6. Personal data being processed


basic details (name, address, telephone number)
data presented in the application
CV information

7. Disclosure and transfer of personal data

Recruitment consultant (contact information of persons selected for interviews)

The data is not transferred outside the EU/EEA countries.

8. The planned periods for the erasure of different data groups

Pay slips are stored according to the law (50 years). Accident documents 20 years.

Payroll cards, alternation leaves, co-operation negotiation matters, and occupational safety matters are all stored for over 50 years or permanently. Other documents related to employment shall be erased 10 years after the termination of the employment, unless the rules of publicly funded projects require archiving for a longer period.

The data of job applicants will be erased after the application process has ended, but the data of the applicant selected for the job will be stored.

9. Profiling and automatic decision-making

No profiling or automatic decision-making is related to the processing of personal data.

10. Technical and organisational security measures

The data is stored in systems that are protected using appropriate protective measures. Connections to the systems are encrypted, and only persons who need the data in their jobs have the access rights to the systems. The data is stored in locked cabinets and archive rooms which may only be accessed by the persons who need it in their jobs.