Business opportunities

(Updated: 1.6.2020)

More business from online retailing

Business Finland and the ELY Centers grant development financing, which enables the company to design and develop new products or operating methods that help to cope with the crisis situation and create opportunities for future business. The single most prevalent subject in the applications has been the establishing or developing of online retailing after the brick-and-mortar business has succumbed to the coronavirus. Both Business Finland and ELY follow the same principles for supporting e-commerce, so the tips below apply to support provided by both.

From this link, you will find a compilation of Business Finland’s instructions and materials (in Finnish only) related to the establishment and development of the online store and related financing. You can also find them here below one by one.

Business Finland has compiled an easy-to-read guide (PDF) on which measures related to e-commerce can be included in the disruption funding application, as not all activities are eligible. For example, its design, marketing planning and development are eligible projects, but marketing itself and building an e-commerce site are not.

At the end of last year, Business Finland also launched the Experience Commerce Finland program (in Finnish only), which is a continuation of the already completed eCom Growth program. The Experience Commerce program focuses on the development and internationalization of consumer business e-commerce and organizes open events on various themes. As the topic interests more and more entrepreneurs due to the crisis, the program leaders have compiled short ABC guides to setting up an e-commerce in PDF and video presentation. Both in Finnish only.
PDF guide here and VIDEO here.

Experience Commerce also has a Facebook group that actively discusses current e-commerce issues.

In addition, Facebook also has an Online Merchants group (“Verkkokauppiaat” group) where you can ask tips from other online merchants.

Campaigns and platforms

The worries about the survival of small businesses is shared by all of us, and both small and large companies and organisations are continuously developing new ways to maintain trading and help partners in trouble. It is now easier for the companies that do not have an online shop of their own to join various shared and partners’ shop platforms, and that way the products of new online sellers can be found more easily without the need for massive marketing efforts.

Food on the Move service: Local takeaway tips and reading on one site

Ruoka liikkuu (Food on the Move) service lists restaurants, cafés and catering companies that offer take-aways or home deliveries from the Turku region, and the service shows, for example, the location of restaurants, opening hours and social media channels. The service offers current stories, recipes and videos – all sorts of interesting food-related readings. To add your service to the service, click here. In Finnish only.

Visit Turku’s Kisska present card shop on the web

The KISSKA service on the website is a link list through which people are guided to the companies’ own websites to make purchases. The service will be updated as Visit Turku’s partners sign up. If the company does not have an online shop of its own, its present cards can be made available on Visit Turku’s online shop. Visit Kisska from this link. In Finnish only.

Tue turkulaista (support local business in Turku) present card shop online

The online shop set up by the City of Turku and its partners allows for selling present cards for own products or services in one shared marketplace, without any investments or agreements with payment service providers. Find card shop here. In Finnish only.

Mesenaatti’s Korona Aid crowdfunding

The Finnish crowdfunding company Mesenaatti has harnessed its platform for KoronaAid where anyone whose earnings have collapsed due to the coronavirus can request support. The criteria have been amended, and the minimum sum is now just 50 euros, and the minimum requirement is simply to supply the product or service that is bought. Visit Mesenaatti here. In Finnish only.

Sisumarket as a marketplace for micro-entrepreneurs

Sisumarket is an online trading place that was set up by volunteers to support micro-entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs can sign up their own services for sale in the system. In Sisumarket you can buy services, courses, present cards and tickets of Finnish micro-entrepreneurs. Visit Sisumarket via this link. In Finnish only.

Online shop platforms

E.g. the Finnish companies MyCashFlow and Vilkas Group offer their online shop platform free of charge for six months for use of companies, and they will assist in setting it up. The sites are only in Finnish, but you can always call or send an e-mail and ask for the Corona campaigns.
MyCashFlow platform
Vilkas Group’s “Pelastetaan Kauppa” site
Vilkas Group’s platform offer

Business possibilities in healthcare

Due to the corona pandemic, demand for some products has increased significantly. These are, in particular, the tools and equipment needed in healthcare. There is demand and opportunity for completely new types of service and solution models. There may also be new opportunities for funding from both national and EU research funding in these different global circumstances. In addition, regulations for the manufacture or sale of some products may be eased.

Team Finland’s Market Opportunities -website
BioWin Cooperation Platform COVID-19
Care & Industry together against CORONA
European Commission: Guidance for the production of masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE), leave-on hand cleaners and hand disinfectants and 3D printing
Open Call for Experts – Fighting COVID-19 with Artificial Intelligence
European commission:Coronavirus research and innovation
EURATEX provides tools to European suppliers and manufacturers to find each other and facilitate the production of protective masks and gowns (PPE and surgical) in response to the COVID-19 crisis. EURATEX on this page publishes a list of offers and requests for material, capacity or support to produce these goods (masks and gowns), and relevant information on the topic.
Enterprise Europe Network: Find a partner abroad for your business
EU funding: Call for innovative and rapid health-related approaches to respond to COVID-19 and to deliver quick results for society for a higher level of preparedness of health systems
Eureka funding: Solutions for the next human high-impact pandemic on Business Finland and Eureka Network web sites.

Examples of partnering opportunities

UK SME  has developed a remote health app for performing first stage diagnostic and prevents the spread of infectious diseases and viruses seeks commercial agency and joint venture venture partners
Distributors sought for AI diagnostic support solution for COVID-19
Italian company is looking for manufacturers of raw materials for FFP2 or FFP3 masks (N95 masks)
Technology solutions allowing the maintenance of Safe Operating Procedures, including social distancing on construction sites in response to the COVID-19 pandemic

Other opportunities

United Arab Emirates: E-commerce is experiencing strong growth – new solutions required urgently

Find local partnerships in Turku region (in Finnish):

Travel and transportation restrictions

Travel and transportation during the coronavirus pandemic in EU countries