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Talent Boost Summit 2019


Welcome to the third annual Talent Boost Summit – this time in Turku!

This year Talent Boost Summit will focus on talent retention and how to boost business through international talents. The aim of the event is to awaken decision-makers in Finnish companies to the importance of international talents’ knowledge and skills for Finnish business and its competitiveness. We want to highlight the needs of international employees and stimulate discussion on how to retain these experts. With open discussion, we also strive to encourage companies and other employers to recruit international talents.

To Whom Talent Boost Summit is Intended

We welcome HR specialists and other personnel responsible for recruitment, as well as other company representatives, company executives, entrepreneurs, public sector representatives, decision makers, university representatives, public service providers and international talents to join the event and to contribute to the discussion.

The Summit is free of charge and in English. The event will be streamed online, and photographs will be taken.


More information on the background of Talent Boost Summit, speakers and the organizers click here to go to Business Finland’s page.

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