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SHIFT Side Event: Hospital Ship Re-imagined Solutions Forum



Like Bob Dylan sang, The Times They Are a-Changin. This is true in many areas, including maritime industry. In the industry, one of the areas where the entire paradigm is coming about, are hospital ships. Until recently, hospital ships have been monolith facilities with “multiple operating rooms and a crew of 1.200”. However, this is about to change and instead of singular purpose-built hospital ships, a larger number of smaller ships are considered as a viable alternative.

In the Shift side-event Hospital Ship Re-Imagined, we explore concepts for the next-generation hospital ships, and work towards solving the most pressing challenges related to operating a ship – or a fleet of vessels. These challenges are not limited to costs, but to technology, ownership and operations models – what the ships could be used for between the missions (humanitarian or otherwise).

The event is primarily invite-only. However, we have reserved a quota for the most enthusiast people who are willing to work towards making the vision of the next-generation hospital ship true.

For additional information, please contact Keijo Koskinen or Essi Silvonen

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