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ASIA-CLEAN Final Event

Welcome anyone interested in the Malaysian and Chinese cleantech markets. The closing event will talk about the market, the players, and the results of the project.


Opening and results of ASIA-CLEAN Ilkka Aaltio, Green Net Finland
ASIA-CLEAN Market-Watch highlights Evilina Lutfi, GNF
13:15 – 13:25
Keynote presentation: Overview of FIN/EST exports to China from the cleantech aspect Irma Ylikangas, Helsinki Business HUB
13:25 – 13:35
Keynote: Overview of FIN/EST exports to Malaysia Vikram Bharati, Founder, Draper Startup House (International) / Singapore
Opportunities, trends, and developments at Malaysia cleantech market – On-site view Ragmar Saksing, Tehnopol
Opportunities and development at China cleantech market – On-site view Picus Advisors, Liu Ning
14:00 – 14:15
Business-case for Malaysian market T.B.D
14:15 – 14:30
Introducing ASIA-CLEAN energy cluster (Business-case view for China) Ari Makkonen, Picus
14:30 – 14:55
Panel discussion: Lessons learned, experiences and views for cleantech in Asia Panelists: Ari Makkonen, Irma Ylikangas, Ragmar Saksing, Liu Ning. Moderators: Ilkka Aaltio, Olof Malmström
14:55 – 15:00
Closing and the way forward Aaltio, Malmström, Saksing

Please register for the event HERE latest 24 h before the event.
The Microsoft-Teams-link will be sent to you by e-mail before the webinar.

More information:
Green Net Finland: Ilkka Aaltio;
Turku Science Park Ltd.: Olof Malmström

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