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4SmartGrowth Final event – Doing business in a digital era

Enjoy an inspirational and networking afternoon in the Virbela world. The event is held online and, you will participate as your own avatar.

About this event

Doing business in a digital era (South America and China)

How has it gone for companies trying to find business opportunities abroad during the covid-19 pandemic? When we started project 4SmartGrowth the approach was traditional travelling and matchmaking on sight. Then the pandemic hit and we had to rethink our strategies and make the project digital. Our companies have found potential customers and signed contracts while at the same time saved both time and money. Doing business in a digital era was in fact both a time saving and effective way of doing business.

Listen and learn from the ones who have done it

Welcome to a day in Virbela world. Meet our innovative startups and SME’s that have reached new business possibilities in South America and China and, listen to business stories from our partners in both Chile and China. The host for the day is the ever so charismatic host and comedian Louis Zezeran.

The event reaches out to you who are interested in broadening your network across the borders while also listening to some fantastic stories about doing business abroad.

More details about the event will be sent out to attendees later on! Make sure to RVSP today – limited numbers of spots available, you don’t want to miss this.

We hope to see you there!

4SmartGrowth is a public collaborative project between Swedish Incubators and Science Parks, Västerås Science Park, Turku Business Region, Business Tampere and Tehnopol. During the past two years, we have helped startups and SME’s expand their businesses to the Chilean and Chinese market.

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