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TechTurkuAVR @ Katedralskolan


We are proud to present a new way of networking with the co-workers of the future at Katedralskolan ( in Turku.

It is important that we all help students as well as companies to know what opportunities they have in the future. That is why TechTurkuAVR (check and join in Facebook #TechTurkuAVR) have a 4-hour meeting 11.9 2019 at Katedralskolan. This meeting starts at 12:00 with demos for the students and the teachers in the school. After a coffee break, we continue with seminars and networking for companies as we usually have done at our meetings.

The program is as follows:

13:00 Demos and talks with teachers and students – In English

VR security tracking contest by CtrlReality
Games in education by Mitale
360 demos by A1 Media
Turku Game lab shows their new AR City -solution
Other also welcome

14:45 Coffee break

15:15 Introduction and welcome

15:20 How to gain from using AVR in education – Mitale/Natasha Bulalovic Trygg

15:50 How to successfully use 360 -pictures in Turku City – A1 Media/Tomi Kurkilahti

16:20 AR City – Turku AMK/Rawyse Werner

16:40 Demos, discussions and networking

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