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TechTurkuAI: AI Software Basics bootcamp 4.3. and 8.3.


The bootcamp will focus on the methods of ML and AI and not the tools, i.e., i can prepare the bootcamp using Python (very convenient high-level language which many consider the de-facto-standard in machine learning research/industry) or try to get along with Excel spreadsheets (yes, one can do machine learning in excel).

  • How to formulate your business application as a Machine Learning Problem?
  • How to determine which algorithm to use for your problem?
  • How to apply basic ML algorithm to your problem?
  • How to validate a ML algorithm?
Even though you may attend to just one of the days we strongly recommend you attend to both days. The first day is more theoretics behind machine learning and the second day more ”hands on”. Prepare some own data and think of possible results you would like to get out of this data.
For more information contact / 040 – 5020089, more info here.
Also join the #techturkuai FB group. This event is a part of Turku ICTAI Week




04.03. 08:00
08.03. 17:00


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Joukahaisenkatu 3 A
Turku, 20520
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