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HealthBIO 2019 @ Life Science Live


Life Science Live 2019 is an international event that brings together professionals from science and business in the fields of pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and healthcare. The main theme for the 2019 event is artificial intelligence and its applications in, for instance, healthcare, pharmaceutical development and biotechnology.

The participants include companies, professionals, researchers and investors. The exhibition stands at the event present the latest innovations.

Life Science Live 2019 is a great mixture of established and new, as it connects three forward-looking programmes:

  • The Science Track coordinated by the University of Turku, Åbo Akademi University and Turku University of Applied Sciences
  • The traditional HealthBIO Seminar and Partnering Day organized by HealthTurku team of Turku Science Park Ltd.
  • An i-HD (The European Institute for Innovation through Health Data) conference on “Maximising the value of health data to all

The event will take place at the Turku Fair and Congress Center on May 15–16, 2019.

Registration, and more information on programmes and speakers at Life Science Live
One ticket covers all three programmes.

HealthBIO 2019 @ Life Science Live, 15-16 May

HealthBIO 2019 is part of the Life Science Live event in the Turku Fair Center from 15–16 May.

HealthBIO 2019 Seminar and Get together, 15 May
The HealthBIO Seminar programme – in English – covers highlights of the recent industry milestones and prospects for the future in Finland and Europe with international speakers as well as funding trends and success stories of fast-growing SMEs.  The seminar day ends with a get together event for all Life Science Live attendees.

HealthBIO 2019 Programme

HealthBIO 2019 Partnering Day and Pitching Competition, 16 May
Next day a partnering event organised in collaboration with European Enterprise Network EEN enables you to get more business contacts.
The partnering event and pitching competition are hosted by Business Finland’s Personalized Program.

The HealthBIO Pitching Competition, 16 May at 11.30 at Restaurant Festo
Dr. Leona Gilbert, Ph.D. / Te?ted Oy
Harri Sihto, PhD / Sartar Therapeutics
BW Sergey Sadov / Health Samurai Finland Oy
Anni Mörö, PhD, MSc(Tech) / Eye group, Tampere University
Tejesvi Mysore / Chain Antimicrobials Oy
Preethy Paul / Team Name:  Anison, Åbo Akademi University
Olli Pentikäinen / Aurlide Ltd
Wlodek Laskowski, Board Member, CFO / Cardiolyse Oy

Jury members:
Lee Tien, Technology and Innovation Manager, PerkinElmer
Anna Gran, New Ventures Lead, Nordics, Johnson&Johnson
Roger Franklin, Partner, Hadean Ventures
Giles Dudley, Senior Business Developer, BioInnovation Institute (Novo Foundation)

Please notice that you need to register your company profile at healthbio-2019-partnering-day to book face-to-face meetings for the Partnering Day.

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