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Shift side event: Business in Africa


Date and time: Thu 29th August, 12:30 – 14:00

Location: The Lindblom Hall (next to the SHIFT venue)

Organizers: University of Turku Department of Future Technologies and Allied ICT Finland

Southern Africa with its 300 million potential customers is seen as the future place for business. For Finnish companies, Namibia is an excellent location to pilot business with Africans. Competition in Namibia is less fierce compared to other countries. Finland has established warm relationships with Namibia: for example, University of Turku has a satellite campus in Windhoek.

Join Business in Africa event to hear about:

–    Business opportunities in Namibia and Southern Africa

–    Support provided by Business Finland

–    University cooperation supporting business in Southern Africa

Please register by 21st August:

If you don’t receive a confirmation e-mail of your registration, please contact (on vacation 21st June to 14th July)

The event is free of charge and SHIFT pass is not required.




Ruissalon telakka, Lindblom-sali
Hevoskarintie 12
Turku, 20100
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