The Turku region is a Baltic Sea growth centre comprising of the City of Turku and 10 surrounding municipalities. In addition to our location, the diverse business structure, high-quality supply of education, culture and services, and the beautiful archipelago offer preconditions for successful business operations and high-quality leisure.

The Turku region: Kaarina, Lieto, Masku, Mynämäki, Naantali, Nousiainen, Paimio, Raisio, Rusko, Sauvo, and Turku.

  • 330,000 inhabitants
  • 47,000 students
  • 22,000 companies
  • 130,000 jobs

Enterprise-friendly region

The Turku region is the third biggest urban region in the country. The region is going through a strong positive structural change, which has increased the interest of companies to relocate in the region.

In the municipal ranking 2017 survey commissioned by the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK), the Turku region rose from the 9th to the 2nd place. The improved views on the enterprise-friendliness of the region were the most important factor for the rise. Companies in the neighbouring municipalities are particularly satisfied. Among municipalities with a maximum of 50,000 inhabitants, the two municipalities with the best score in the national comparison were Kaarina and Lieto from the Turku region.

Logistically logical location

Traffic connections from the Turku region to the rest of Finland and Europe are fast and accessing the main routes is easy. The ports of Naantali and Turku and the international airport allow for quick transfers in the Baltic area and Europe. In Finland, the E18 motorway and highways 8, 9 and 10 allow for road transports to all over the country.

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The Turku region business services also assist the companies interested in relocating in the Turku region. We will investigate, together with the company, the options for location and premises that best support its operations and goals, and also help with other questions related to settling in the region. Contact us and let’s roll our sleeves!

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