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The popularity of the animation line producer training surprised Turku

  • Line production training has started in Turku
  • Lineproducer training gathered 180 registered students
  • Finnanimation, a producer organization of the animation industry, moved to Turku in the summer of 2020

Line production means systematizing the production stages of animation so that, for example, the production of episodes in serial animation becomes easier. A total of 180 students registered for the lineproducer training organized by Finnanimation (NPO) in co-operation with Turku University of Applied Sciences. It began on the 5th of May with the introductory lecture, which was attended by over a hundred students. 

Lineproducer training has started in Turku. Photo: Rovio.

“I expected a maximum of 50 participants for the course,” admits Executive Director Liisa Vähäkylä. According to Vähäkylä, the increased interest tells about many things. 

“People are now used to be online and the desire to learn something new is huge,” Vähäkylä says. Producers, directors, and screenwriters working in the TV and film industry, as well as students from various schools and locations, have signed in for the lectures. There was also no need to limit the number of participants due to the online format.

The proposal to organize line production training came from Turku-based producers Terhi Väänänen and Metsämarja Aittokoski. Both had noticed the lack of accurate knowledge in their studios. The nearest place where you can choose line production as your area of ​​specialization in animation studies is Viborg, Denmark.

Animation business grows end expands

The doctrines of the line producing can also be applied in animated commercials as well as in making scenes for an animated feature. For an experience as an animation producer, there is also used in the gaming industry, where the best-known brands expand from game easily into animation. 

Vähäkylä says, that the animation industry is one of the survivors of the Covid-19 era. The digital working methods and the decentralization of teams to different countries and even continents have been in use in the growing animation industry as the result of increased serial production. Finnish animation productions are currently being produced for Disney EMEA, Nickelodeon, and Netflix in addition to the Finnish YLE. The trainers have had experience in international co-productions as well as working for just those services.

Finnanimation, a producer organization focused on the internationalization of the animation industry, moved to Turku in the summer of 2020. Its office is located in connection with the West Finland Film Commission that operates under Turku Science Park. When the traveling stopped, the association decided to focus on clarifying its strategy as well as on further training so that it would be ready for the world to open up again. It has received support from Avek for the training.