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TechTurku Week draws registered participants from 22 countries

Starting next Monday, the TechTurku Week’s programme has already attracted participants from 22 countries. The theme events are arranged in hybrid format, and participating is easy from anywhere in the world. Regarding physical events, the TechTurku Walk visitor tours are almost fully booked.

Organised for the 11th time, TechTurku Week introduces the technological expertise and networks in the Turku region. Due to uncertainties related to the coronavirus situation it was decided to arrange the event in hybrid format, which will allow for participating in most events either on site in Visitor and Innovation Centre Joki or online.

This event was part of the TechTurku Week in March 2020.

“Particular interest was directed at the TechTurku Walk tours that are already almost fully booked. The guided tours take the visitors to see, for example, the latest innovations of laser cutting and 3D printing in the premises of Machine Technology Center Turku Ltd. Another place being visited is the FIT Turku (Futuristic Interactive Center Turku) centre of expertise in the premises of the Turku University of Applied Sciences which has an exceptionally broad selection of hardware serving the development of special expertise e.g. in augmented and virtual reality”, says Michael “Micce” Lindholm, Network Manager TechTurku at Turku Science Park Ltd, who co-ordinates the events.

TechTurku Week from 7–11 March comprises of five theme days. Monday will focus on clusters and networks, Tuesday on cybersecurity, Wednesday on manufacturing, Thursday on student ideas, and Friday on electrification. The days will follow a similar pattern, where the “deep tech” sessions of the mornings will be followed by online matchmaking meetings, talks by company representatives, and sessions on internationalisation.

Of the keynote speakers, Micce Lindholm mentions e.g. Aura Salla, Public Policy Director, Head of EU Affairs at Facebook, or currently Meta. Another eagerly awaited speaker is Peter Sarlin, co-founder and CEO of Silo.AI and Professor of Practice.

This year there will also be three evening sessions. On Tuesday the European ICT Alliance will convene in Brewery restaurant Koulu, and on Wednesday the Turku.AI community will gather in the SparkUp premises. On Thursday, after the close of the traditional ICT Showroom at around 3 p.m., Boost Turku association will arrange an After Showroom event for students in SparkUp.

“Nearly 200 people from 22 countries have already registered as either virtual or physical participants in the events of the week. Unfortunately the ICT Showroom, which presents student projects and traditionally gathers the biggest audience, will be arranged as a pitching competition due to the pandemic, and it can only be viewed online. Usually the event gathers hundreds of visitors in the ICT-City premises and acts as an important meeting place for young experts and the businesses looking to recruit them”, Mr Lindholm says.

TechTurku Week also provides opportunities for networking. The virtual match making event allows for international encounters and co-operation negotiations between businesses and experts throughout the week. TechTurku Week from 7–11 March 2022. Further information on the programme and registration is available at All TechTurku Week events are open to the public and free of charge.