MaritimeTurku – growth from the sea

The Turku region is the most important production cluster of Finnish maritime industry. Nearly one-third of the maritime industry companies are located in the Turku economic region.

MaritimeTurku, the strong co-operation network built around the maritime know-how and innovation activities provides a wide range of services to the R&D needs of the industry. The global market challenges of the future require continuous renewal and new exploration in research and business. Alongside strong shipbuilding industry the region has a long history of know-how in offshore and Arctic technologies.

MaritimeTurku in figures

  • Turnover of the maritime cluster in Southwest Finland 3.3 billion euros
  • Employs around 8,000 people in Southwest Finland
  • 400 network companies, 20 design agencies, 15 shipping companies and 5 shipyards in Southwest Finland
  • Around 27% of Finland’s maritime industry jobs
  • Four universities and universities of applied sciences
  • Several maritime training and/or research institutes

Maritime innovation platform

The shipbuilding traditions in Turku date back to the 18th century. Today, the industry employs 8,000 people in around 400 companies. At the same time, Turku has evolved into a centre for the global development of intelligent, autonomous ships. The future is also being built in Blue Industry Park which aims at becoming the leading production and innovation cluster of maritime expertise in Europe.

The engine company of the MaritimeTurku network is Meyer Turku Oy whose order portfolio extends to 2024. Other important companies include e.g. Kongsberg Maritime Finland Oy, Mobimar, Admares, Wärtsilä, FCR Finland, Aboa Mare, University of Turku, Turku University of Applied Sciences, and Åbo Akademi University.

Maritime Accelerator

Maritime Accelerator is an innovation platform bringing together maritime corporations with great impact and fast moving startups with momentum. Our goal is to create an innovation ecosystem that generates new business, speeds up heavy industry development and strengthen Finland becoming the leading European maritime hub.

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