Conquer the world with the support of our start-up community

Are you aiming at rapid growth of business operations and international markets? Are you looking for other enthusiastic and innovative partners for your team or do you want to polish your idea with professionals? Do you see yourself as a start-up entrepreneur or would you like to be one?

If you answered yes, drop in at SparkUp. SparkUp is a service concept for new enterprises, but also a start-up community. In SparkUp you will find Turku Science Park Ltd’s services for new enterprises as well as student-driven Boost Turku, Humak Creve incubator for creative industries, and the Junior Achievement Finland service that offers entrepreneurial education. We gather start-up companies, networks and events in the Turku region under the same roof. At our premises on the ground floor of ElectroCity (Tykistökatu 4 b, Turku) you will also find open working space.

SparkUp is open on weekdays from 8.30–16.30, but activities and events are often arranged in the evenings, too.

Here’s where it starts

SparkUp gives a spark and boost for your idea, team or an existing start-up company! When you aim to proceed fast and have set your target on the international markets, it’s worthwhile to check out the services of SparkUp.

Our services comprise of four concepts: StartingUp, TeamingUp, BusinessUp and LevelUp.

StartingUp – your first step

In the StartingUp workshops you will learn what start-up entrepreneurship means and how you can tell whether your idea is feasible. There are comments on the subject and support from experts as well as other entrepreneurs. The workshops are open the year round and offer help for developing your idea, identifying your customers, marketing, sales and financing.

TeamingUp – gather your own team

The TeamingUp workshops aim at bringing ideas and people together. Workshops are arranged under different themes ranging from recruitment in start-ups to various meetings with experts. Join the workshop with an open mind – maybe you will find just the right team for dreaming big time!

BusinessUp – 10 intensive weeks

Arranged twice a year, the BusinessUp accelerator program looks into building and crystallising the value promise of growth-seeking start-ups, as well as other subject matters important to start-ups. You can apply for the program with a ripe idea or an existing new company. In addition to the shared program, each team is coached by its dedicated mentor. You can also ask about accelerators for a specific line of business or, if you are a student, keep in mind Boost Turku’s student accelerator program Journey that runs in the summer.

LevelUp – when it’s time to move on to the next level

LevelUp offers support in business development, enhancing of R&D activities, and arranging financing for companies in operation. We will help you with building partnerships and finding knowledgeable employees. We work in close co-operation with and as a messenger between the local enterprises, universities, universities of applied sciences, financiers, and R&D organisations. Your company has access to our broad local, national and international networks.

Information of SparkUp services
Tom Palenius
Services for Startup Companies
+358 40 550 1126
Johanna Puhtila
Senior Advisor,
Start-up Companies
+358 400 247 023
SparkUp premises and community
Johanna Johansson
SparkUp Community Facilitator
+358 40 845 5125
Tykistökatu 4 B
20520 Turku