Support for those thinking of setting up a company

There are many paths to entrepreneurship and many kinds of entrepreneurs. Some grow into entrepreneurship since young age, while others start as entrepreneurs in the last years of their career. Some want to conquer the whole world with their idea, and others are happy just to employ themselves.

When you are considering to set up an enterprise, it’s worthwhile to test the business idea with outside people. In the Turku region, Business Service Center Potkuri and SparkUp offer assistance free of charge with all questions concerning a business plan and setting up an enterprise. Our experts evaluate business ideas and provide advice with challenges related to e.g. commercialisation, financing, marketing and recruitment.

Is advice enough or are you looking for acceleration?

If your business idea is based on utilising your own know-how as a local entrepreneur, Potkuri is the right place to go.

But if your idea might have global potential, you should look into SparkUp’s start-up community and the possibilities it has to offer.

Advisory services provide a better foundation for your company

Five years after establishing, some 60 per cent of all companies are still in operation. The figure for Potkuri’s customer companies is 80 per cent.

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