Open the doors to service networks for internationalisation

Many of our internationalisation services directed at enterprises are generated as co-operation of several actors. In addition to the Enterprise Europe Network service focusing on building partnerships, an important service concept is formed by the Team Finland network of Southwest Finland.

Team Finland offers information and advice for initiating and developing of international business and trade, as well as Invest In services for foreign companies. The international business services available through the network are produced by State service providers as well as municipal and regional players (e.g. Turku Science Park Ltd), industry-specific service providers, business organisations, and universities.

Public providers of internationalisation services provided by Team Finland national services (PDF).

Honorary consuls of Turku (PDF) are private individuals who attend to their duty part-time and without remuneration. An honorary consul may advise companies e.g. on finding information about the local corporate culture and seeking partners.

The nationwide Expert Search service is suited to companies that have a specifically determined need. It is possible to search for an expert on the basis of target country, line of business, services offered, or the expert’s location for assignments on international markets.

The global network of chambers of commerce: International chambers of commerce.