Services for talent attraction and retention

Our mission is to make Turku region and the whole Southwest Finland more appeling among international talents and their families from around the world. Together with our partner network we offer business development services for international talent attraction and retention. 

JOBS IN FINLAND is a platform for job openings covering positions with English as a working language.

Companies from Turku & Southwest Finland will get their positions visibility in Jobs in Finland and in the regional Career in Southwest Finland webpage.

If you wish to gain more visibility for your company’s job openings, contact us or visit the webpage. For individuals, the site provides wide range of information about living and working in Turku region and Southwest Finland.

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Contact and learn how you can join our upcoming campaigns. International recruitment campaigns are executed in co-operation with Business Finland (

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Turku invited top professionals to visit and learn about life and work in Turku, Finland. The highly successful Talent Call Turku campaign will be rebooted in 2020. Partner companies will have the opportunity to be part of picking the new winners and use the visibility of the campaign to find new talents. Ask more on the campaign and how to join from the contact person represented on this website.

Get to know the campaign:

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Talent Boost Breakfast targets companies interested in benefiting from tools and services for international talent attraction and recruitment. The event will be held four times a year. Find and register for the next event on our events calendar.

Matchmaking-events between recruiting companies and international talents are events that can be also tailored to your company’s needs.

Submit your event for Turku Business Region newsletter and get up to date information regarding the events:

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Settling in services for talents

Welcome to Turku! -events are targeted to new international residents in Turku. The goal of the events is to help with practical issues and create new networks. Information regarding next events can be found on our events calendar and on Career in Southwest Finland web site.

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Services from our partner network

Map out your organization’s capabilities in recruiting international talents and leading a multicultural work community. The Talent Boost Index was created in cooperation between the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce and Business Finland.

The completion of the survey takes about 10 minutes. At the end of the survey, you will receive a Talent Boost Index report that describes the readiness and maturity of your organization, and suggestions for next steps.


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The Talent Explorer program offers up to 20 000 euros to help you hire an expert to advance your internationalization goals. Read more and apply for the funding on Business Finland’s web site.

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European (Online) Job Days is a recruitment event for companies in Finland. Register to the next online event on TE-Palvelut -web site.

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Contract Work by Foreign Nationals guide

Guide on foreign labour and companies in Finland available:

English: Contract_work_by_foreign_nationals_en

Finnish: Ulkomaalaisen_urakka_opas

Russian: Contract_work_by_foreign_nationals_ru

Welcome to Finland -guide

Compact information package that will help to settle in Finland. It gives  information about living and working in Finland, explains how Finnish authorities work and gives basic information about Finnish culture and society. The guide is available in multiple languages and can be downloaded from Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment webpage.

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Finnish language courses can be searched from: Finnish

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