Creativity creates new business!

Turku Region Business Services offer a boost for the development of experience industry and creative industries. We also provide support to other companies that see growth potential in partnership with creative industries. We promote the tourism industry, the implementation of film and TV productions in the Turku region and building the co-operation between game industry players in the region.

Limitless opportunities for co-operation

The experience industry offers excellent co-operation and growth potential to companies in other lines of business. For example, the use of intellectual property rights (IPR) may promote the success of both their holder and another entrepreneur that has licensed the right to use them.

The picture of the Moomintroll on the side of a coffee mug is a classic example, but partnerships may also emerge by branding the stories and characters of films and TV series into e.g. tourism products or foods.

West Finland Film Commission WFFC

There is tough global competition for the locations of film and TV productions. The Turku region has become Finland’s film capital, and not least due to the West Finland Film Commission (WFFC). WFFC has negotiated on location shoots of dozens of films and TV series and managed to attract them to the Turku region. They have generated a turnover of several millions of euros for the local business and e.g. thousands of overnight stays for the accommodation providers every year.

Apart from making agreements on productions, WFFC creates new kinds of growth opportunities for the local businesses in addition to the traditional accommodation and catering services by bringing them in contact with the film and TV production companies working in the region. The productions shot in the region have increased the turnover of the local businesses by a total of several millions of euros.

Games open up new opportunities

Turku is one of the fastest growing clusters of game industry in Finland. There are 30 game enterprises operating in the region, ranging from recently established start-ups to globally operating game enterprises. Gamification will introduce the expertise of the game industry in new lines of business and offer opportunities for developing new applications.

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