In the projects list you will find all of our ongoing projects. Previous projects you can find on our Completed Projects site.


Duration: 1.4.2019 – 31.3.2021
Project partners: Swedish Incubators and Science Parks (SISP), Västerås Science ParkTallinn Science Park TehnopolBusiness Tampere and Turku Science Park Ltd.
Funding: Interreg Central Baltic.
Project in a nutshell: 4SmartGrowth aims at increasing the CB smart solutions providing SMEs export possibilities by opening the already existing business connections that partners have reached separately, into the joint use of all five partner regions´ SMEs. The chosen target markets are Chile as well Hebei and Guangzhou provinces in China. The project will create action plans for each market, select and train the SMEs that has potential to start export, develops business support for SMEs tailor made for each market, and organises export missions and pilot cases’ implementation into the target markets.
Contact person in Turku Science Park Ltd: Teppo Laaksonen


Duration:: 1.4.2019 – 31.3.2021
Project partners: Green Net Finland, Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol and Turku Science Park Ltd
Funding: Interreg Central Baltic.
Project in a nutshell: ASIA-CLEAN project boosts new exports of cleantech and environmental technology products and services from Finland and Estonia to Asia, particularly to North-East China and Malaysia.
Contact person in Turku Science Park Ltd: Tero Karhi

BalticSatApps – Speeding up Copernicus innovation for the BSR environment and security


Duration: 1.10.2017 – 30.9.2020
Project partners: University of Turku, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Tartu Teaduspark AS, Tartu Observatory, Cracow University of Technology
Funding: Baltic Sea Region Interreg 2014 – 2020. Total budget: EUR 2.8 million (European Regional Development Fund 1.8 million and ENI/Russian co-financing 0.4. million)
Project in a nutshell: Project aims to increase the market uptake of open satellite data by 1) increasing the awareness and accessibility of the open satellite data; 2) facilitating the open innovation ecosystem that satellite data providers, developer community (ICT professionals and SMEs) and end user community; 3) increasing capacities of local busines development organizations to support most promising busines ideas to develop into mature and sustainable economic activity; and 4) contributing to policy making processes that ensure the accessibility and usability of open satellite data and favor the business development support.
Further information:
Contact person in Turku Science Park LtdTimo Huttunen


BiC – Biomarker Commercialization


Duration: 1.10.2017 – 30.9.2020
Project partners:  coordinator: Ideklinikken, Aalborg University Hospital, partners: Turku Science Park Ltd, Biopeople/University of Copenhagen, Tartu Biotechnology Park, University of Turku, ScanBalt, BioCon Valley, University of Vilnius, Wroclaw Technology Park and ScanBalt fmba
Funding: Interreg Baltic Sea Region 2014 – 2020. The project’s budget EUR 2.55 million and it is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme with EUR 1.96 million.
Project in a nutshell: This project aims to ensure a more successful commercialization of biomarkers in the Baltic Sea Region. Biomarkers is an area which is becoming increasingly important, giving rise to new areas of diagnostic and treatment and is forming the foundation of the new trend of personalized medicine.
The consortium has identified a gap in the current commercialization process, which can only be bridged by implementing a new, improved commercialization model, co-created with industry. Thus, this project aims to:
– Develop a screening procedure for early identification of the best biomarker projects
– Develop a commercialization model for biomarkers, ensuring early industry involvement
– Create a BSR Biomarker Ecosystem
The project is initiated by the technology transfer offices (TTOs), but all stakeholders from researchers, cluster organizations and industry will be involved in creating the project output.
More information at
Contact person in Turku Science Park Ltd: Merja Tieaho


CircVol – Utilisation of side streams and masses of soil in cities

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Duration: 1.8.2018 – 31.12.2020
Project partners: Turku Science Park Ltd , Åbo Akademi, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Regional Council of Southwest Finland, City of Helsinki, Forum Virium Helsinki Oy, Finnish Environment Institute, Geological Survey of Finland GTK , TTY-säätiö sr, University of Tampere, City of Oulu, Oulu University of Applied Sciences
Funding: ERDF
Project in a nutshell: CircVol project promotes business that subscribes to the ideas of circular economy and the utilisation of large volumes of industrial side streams and earth masses in earthworks. More than 90 per cent of accumulated waste comes from the extractive industry and manufacturing sector. Side streams from the manufacturing sector are not utilised sufficiently as of yet, even though collection and refining technologies are already highly developed. The efficient reuse of earth masses can be harnessed to achieve significant economic savings and promote the carbon neutrality objectives of cities.
In the CircVol project, companies develop new solutions and apply existing methods. CircVol supports interaction between companies, institutions of higher education and public bodies, which in turn enables the extensive implementation of circular economy solutions. In addition to this, the project brings industry operators together to form a national network that develops operational models to promote business that is in keeping with the principles of circular economy.
Duties of TScP Oy: Turku Science Park coordinates the project.
Contact person in Turku Science Park Ltd:: Reeta Huhtinen


Developing the digital tourism ecosystem for the Southwest Finland



Duration: 15.5.–31.12.2020
Project partners: Implementer and co-ordinator Turku Science Park Ltd.
Funding: Regional Council of Southwest Finland, total budget 83 730 euros.
Project in a nutshell: The aim of the project is to develop 1) a digital ecosystem for Southwest Finland tourism organisations, 2) collect tourism data into a single database to support the tourism branch and 3) implement agile and rapid experiments to promote the recovery of companies and local travel industry after COVID-19 constraints.
Contact person in Turku Science Park Ltd: Hanna Lak


EEN 2021 – Enterprise Europe Network



Duration: 1.1.2020 – 31.12.2021
Funding: COSME Work Programme 2014
Project parners:  Business Finland, Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce, Turku Science Park Ltd.
Project in a nutshell:Enterprise Europe Network offers internationalization services for SMEs. The network provides an extensive selection of services ranging from EU-specific advisory services to support for international technology transfer. The network operates in more than sixty countries, also including some outside the EU, such as Norway, Russia and the United States. The network’s service providers include roughly 600 organisations and more than 3,000 experts. In Finland, Business Finland coordinates the Network.
Tasks of TScP Ltd.: ​The tasks of the TScP include acquiring new customers, conducting customer needs and technology studies on international partnerships, drafting business profiles for the Network’s Partner Opportunities Database, and finding suitable profiles for customers there. TScP also organizes business contact events and company visits with other network partners, as appropriate.
Contact person in Turku Science Park Ltd: Olli mankonen


Experiences in the Countryside –development project





Duration: 1.3.2019 – 30.6.2021
Funding: Rural Development Programme for Mainland Finland 2014-2020 and the 10 municipalities in the Turku region. Total budget 210 734 euros.
Project in a nutshell: The goal of the project is to develop the co-operational network between tourism companies in the Turku region, increase their range of products, improve their ability to function year-round and further their level of expertise. As a result of the development project, products and services will be launched by tourism companies in the Turku region that attract new national and international demographics. If you want to take part in the project, do not be afraid to contact us!
Contact person in Turku Science Park Ltd.: Anne Muurinen


European Maritime Hotspots




Duration: 1.9.2020 – 31.12.2020
Project Partners: Main partner Turku University of Applied Sciences, other partners University of Turku, City of Turku, Turku Science Park Ltd. and Region Council of Southwest Finland.
Funding: Total budget EUR 189 900, of which Turku Science Park Ltd.’s share EUR 43 050.
Project in a nutshell: The project aims at multilateral advocacy cooperation in European maritime organizations and consortia, as well as bilateral European networking of strong maritime regions. The aim of strong joint networking is to promote the competitiveness of the European maritime industry and to highlight the maritime industry as an important strategic cluster. In addition, the aim is to increase the visibility and effectiveness of Finnish actors in European arenas and to increase European partnerships and maritime industry development projects and EU funding available to Southwest Finland.
Duties of Turku Science Park Ltd.: Turku Science Park Oy’s duty is business cooperation, networking with international development companies, strategic partnerships and the observation and analysis of weak signals.
Contact person in Turku Science Ltd.: Vesa Erkkilä



(Enhancing the innovation management capacity of Finnish SMEs by the Enterprise Europe Network)


Duration: 1.1.2020 – 31.12.2021
Project partners: Business FinlandHelsinki Region Chamber of Commerce
Funding: EU Horizon 2020
Project in a nutshell: First specific objective of the project is to provide Key account management services to beneficiaries of the SME instrument. These services aim to identify bottlenecks to the creation of economic impact in companies benefitting from grants by Horizon2020’s SME instrument. Second specific objective is to provide services, which enhance the innovation management capacity of SMEs. This service will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of innovation processes in small and medium sized enterprises with significant innovation activities that could potentially become beneficiaries of European support to research and innovation but would not have effective access to consulting services for innovation management. The service includes an assessment of innovation management capacity and development actions based on the assessment.
Duties of Turku Science Park Ltd.: Service production.
Contact person in Turku Science Park Ltd
: Olli Mankonen


Growth from the Electrification Business Ecosystems

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Duration: 1.4.2020 – 30.9.2022
Project partners: Yrityssalo Oy and Turku Science Park Ltd.
Funding: The entire project is EUR 728,224, of which ERDF funding accounts for EUR 509,757 (70%). Turku Science Park Ltd.’s share of ERDF funding is EUR 241,817.
Project in a nutshell: The joint project supports transport and society in efforts to reduce the use of fossil raw materials through electrification, while supporting the goals of mitigating climate change. The aim is to identify the players in battery technology in the region of Southwest Finland, to strengthen the competitiveness and attractiveness of companies in the region, to support the emergence of innovations in battery technologies and e-mobility, and to promote cooperation and international recognition in the national battery ecosystem.
Duties of TScP Oy: The task of Turku Science Park Ltd. is to identify those actors in the Turku region’s innovation environment (universities, public sector and companies) who have expertise in battery technology and e-mobility, and to build co-operation between them and thus support the emergence and internationalisation of Southwest Finland battery technology center of excellence and and business network.
Contact person in TScP Ltd.: Linda Fröberg-Niemi



HUIMA – New ideas for energy efficiency in industry

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Duration: 1.9.2018– 31.8.2020
Project partners: Turku Science Park Ltd., Posintra Oy
Funding: ERDF
Project in a nutshell: The objective of the HUIMA program is to increase business within circular economy and pay attention to smart utilization of industrial excess heat. The program sorts out appropriate sources of excess energy as targets for the common idea contest arranged by the program. A cross provincial idea contest with a goal to find new ideas and proposals about utilization of excess heat will be planned and organised. Parties (companies and e.g. academy students) who might be interested in participating in the contest will be sought. Potential ideas are refined together with the presenters and the companies who have provided competition subjects with an aim to speed up the time of idea processing. In addition, paths for further development of ideas and business plans are sought and offered.
Contact person in Turku Science Park Ltd: Olof Malmström


IRIS – Improved Results in Innovation Support


Duration: 1.10.2017 – 30.9.2020
Project partners:  14 partners from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany and Russia.
Funding: Baltic Sea Region Interreg. Total budget: EUR 2,69 million (European Regional Development Fund EUR 1.8 million,  European Neighbourhood Instrument EUR  0.16 million, Norwegian Funding EUR 0.12 million)
Project in a nutshell: The project will improve and strengthen management and support capacity in Baltic Sea Region incubator organisations.  The idea is to become acquainted with regional organizations, share good practices, and implement them practically in one’s own organization. This will result in more vibrant companies, which will lead the Baltic Sea region forward as a dynamic and innovative economic area. An important part of the project is also to develop and maintain a functioning multinational co-operation and to plan future co-operation projects.
Contact person in Turku Science Park Ltd:  Peter Lostedt

6Aika – HNRY Carbon neutral and resource-wise business parks

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Duration: 1.5.2019–28.2.2021
Project partners: 
City of Helsinki, City of Turku, City of Vantaa, City of Espoo, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd., Turku University, Turku Science Park Ltd.
Funding: European Regional Development Fund
Project in a nutshell: The aim of the participating cities is to become carbon neutral between 2029 and 2035. The project supports development of industrial areas and their groups of companies into world-class low-carbon and resource-wise actors. In Turku, the aim is to build the Blue Industry Park into a carbon neutral, world-class production and innovation cluster for the maritime and manufacturing industries. Turku Science Park Ltd. focuses on developing the concept by concrete measures. The intention is to find common ground and a practical way of working together for the site operator and all the companies working in the Blue Industry Park area as well as the City of Turku. The project consists of four cross sectional working packages WP1: conceptualization, WP2: collaboration and communication, WP3: piloting and indicators, WP4: monitoring and evaluation. All project partners take part in all working packages by bringing together the experiments and templates etc. executed in the target areas.
Contact person in Turku Science Park Ltd: Vesa Erkkilä

6Aika Kieppi

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Duration: 1.8.2019–31.6.2021
Project partners: City of Tampere, City of Espoo, Turku Science Park Ltd.
Funding: European Regional Development Fund
Project in a nutshell: The cities of Tampere, Espoo and Turku have decided to become carbon neutral by 2029 to 2035. All three cities are in the midst of developing sustainable and carbon neutral neighborhoods (Tampere – Hiedanranta area, Espoo – Kera area, Turku – Science Park area in Kupittaa) and in this project the aim is to tie the development closely with business creation around circular, platform and sharing economy. The planning and piloting of solutions in e.g. different services, waste management and reuse of resources is done in cooperation with companies, research organisations, cities and citizens. This procedure will be developed into a partnership model that can be scaled and profited also in other neighborhoods and cities.
Contact person in Turku Science Park Ltd: Aino Ukkola

6Aika – Kasvun ekosysteemit: yritysten kasvun mahdollistaminen kuutoskaupunkien yhteistyössä

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Toteutusaika: 1.7.2018 – 30.12.2020
Hankepartnerit: Helsingin kaupunki, Espoon kaupunki, Vantaan kaupunki, Turku Science Park Oy, BusinessOulu, Pirkanmaan liitto, Tredea
Rahoitus: EAKR
Sisältö: Hankkeen tavoitteena on tukea kasvuhakuisia yrityksiä kiinnittymään niille sopiviin tutkimus- ja tuotekehitystoimintaa tukeviin verkostoihin sekä kehittää yritystoimintaa kaupunkiseuduille.
TScP Oy:n tehtävät: TScP keskittyy erityisesti kolmeen asiaan: 1) Miten nykyistä asiakasvirtaa saadaan kasvatettua yhteistyössä muiden kuutoskaupunkien kanssa ja miten tätä asiaa pystytään tulevaisuudessa paremmin seuraamaan ja mittaamaan. 2) Alueellisiin vahvuuksiin perustuvien kasvuun ja kansainvälistymiseen keskittyvien innovaatiokeskittymien kehittämiseen ja käynnistämiseen 3) Kehitetään ja pilotoidaan hallittu palvelupolku olemassa olevien startup-palvelujen päättymisestä hankkeessa kehitettäviin kasvu ja kansainvälistymispalveluihin. Lisäksi avataan Turun seudun ja Varsinais-Suomen osaamista ja palveluja kansallisesti.
Yhteyshenkilö TScP Oy:ssä: Marko Puhtila


Northbound Startups (NBS)



Duration: 1.2.2020 – 31.1.2022
Project partners: Turku Science Park Ltd (Lead Partner), Västerås Science Park and Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol
Funding: Interreg Central Baltic. Total budget for the project is  797 219,38 EUR of which 617.944,53  EUR ERDF. Turku Science Park Ltd’s share 359 719,38 euros.
Project in a nutshell:  The project will increase cross-border teaming that will lead to promising startup creation. The other objective is to increase the investment and customer readiness of the startups.
Contact person in Turku Science Park Ltd: Johanna Puhtila


Smart Clusters for Smart Growth through Joint Business Intelligence – 4Smart Growth

Duration: 1.4.2019 – 30.6.2021
Project partner: SISP Swedish Incubators & Science Parks, Stockholm, Sweden, Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol, Tallinn, Estonia, Turku Science Park Ltd, Turku, Finland, Västerås Science Park AB, Västerås, Sweden, Posintra Ltd, Porvoo, Finland
Funding: ERDF / Central Baltic Interreg
Project in a nutshell: Project 4SmartGrowth aims at increasing the CB smart solutions providing SMEs export possibilities by opening the already existing business connections that partners have reached separately, into the joint use of all five partner regions´ SMEs. Activities include matchmaking, training and information packages, supported and targeted export promotion trips, and a unique Nordic network of SMEs in the same situation.
Contact person in Turku Science Park Ltd: Sami Uusitalo


Talent Hub Turku

Duration: 1.5.2019 – 30.4.2021
Project partners:
Funding: The funding of the project is a part of the Economy Boost AIKO-funding by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, managed by the Council of Tampere Region.
In brief: The aim of the Talent Turku ecosystem model is to increase the attractiveness of the region to international talents, to enhance the attractiveness of the region, to channel the expertise of international experts already in the region to support business growth and internationalisation and innovation. Talent Turku serves as a platform for cooperation and service of international experts, companies, universities, organisations and the public sector. The area of ​​influence is the entire Turku region and, more broadly, the whole area of ​​Southwest Finland.
Duties of TScP: Turku Science Park Oy coordinates the Talent Turku ecosystem and links the activities of the Talent Hub in question to national and international networks and activities.
Contact person in Turku Science Park Ltd: Lotta Kujanpää


Terveysalan välittäjäalusta (Terva)
Healthcare Testbed Intermediary

Duration:  1.10.2019 – 30.9.2021
Project partners: Turku University of Applied Sciences, Turku University Hospital
Funding: ERDF
Project in a nutshell: In Finland, testing and co-development of health-related solutions is commonly done in organizations that either offer health services, or train healthcare professionals – in the organizations’ healthcare testbeds. However, there are two fundamental problems associated to these services in Finland. Firstly, companies are not aware or the availability or scope of the testbed services. Secondly, the testbed services are rarely a core function of the provider organization. In this project, a solution is provided to these problems in the form of intermediary platform. The platform brings together all healthcare testbeds and finds the most suitable testbed services for the companies.
Duties of TScP: Project coordinator, project implementation
Contact person in Turku Science Park Ltd: Janne Lahtiranta


V-S Tekoälyverkosto | South-West Finland AI Network


Duration: 1.5.2018 – 30.4.2020
Project partners:
Funding: European Regional Development Fund / Uudenmaan liitto
In Brief: South-West Finland AI Network project has the goal of creating a network and tools that the companies and other operators in the region can use to best utilize the opportunities in AI in order to benefit business, competitiveness, and
economic growth. The activities of the project are divided into three work packages. 1) Creating the South-West Finland AI Network, 2) Enhancing the capabilities of the SMEs, 3) Connecting the AI network both nationally and internationally
Contact person in Turku Science Park Ltd: Michael Lindholm

Vihreät matkaketjut (Green Mobility Chain -project)

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Duration: 1.9.2019– 31.8.2021
Project partners: Turku Science Park Oy, Turun ammattikorkeakoulu Oy
Funding: European Regional Development Fund / Uudenmaan liitto
Project in a nutshell: The Green Mobility Chain project’s objectives are to add energy efficient and low carbon mobility and to create new business opportunities for companies by enhancing energy efficient mobility, and by increasing the understanding of mobility chains.
Contact person in Turku Science Park Ltd: Petra Niskanen