Growth with International Talent

The coronavirus pandemic affects worker mobility. More information can be found on the Mobility of Labour -page. You can also contact the experts at Turku Science Park Ltd. By filling the short contact form, we can prepare the information and advice best suited to your situation. 

This page compiles tools and services available to companies in the Turku region with regard to attracting international talents, recruitment and the arrival and settling in of the aforementioned talent. The services are mostly free of charge for companies.

Turku Science Park Ltd. coordinates a wide-ranging Talent Boost Turku collaboration, where the shared goal is to make the Turku region even better known and a more attractive place for international talents and their families. The network present in the Turku region helps companies struggling with the lack of skilled workers in attracting, recruiting and settling in of new international employees.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland produced a video to better explain the goals and operation of the Talent Boost network:


Attracting and Recruiting International Talent

Ensuring the availability of skilled workers in central to the growth of companies in the Turku region. Companies in the maritime industry alone will need thousands of new talents in the coming years. However, all the experts that companies need cannot be found in Finland, so they have to be attracted internationally. Expanding and developing higher education and retaining the international degree students that are already in Finland is more important than ever. International recruitment imposes its own hurdles. The Talent Boost network offers help to companies in the Turku region for drawing in and enlisting international experts.

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Developing Work Communities and Relocating New Employees to Finland

According a number of international studies, cultural diversity in particular has clearly grown companies’ capabilities to achieve better-than-average results. With the below tools, you can test and develop your company’s readiness for internationalizing your working community. In addition, there is funding and other services available for hiring an international expert and helping them relocate to Finland.

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Networks and Services for New Employees

It is crucial to support new employees in their relocation. Families, spouses or partners often travel with them and their feeling comfortable plays a key role in getting the hired talent to stay at their new job and in Finland in general. To support this, events and services that are open to all are being organized more and more in the Turku region.

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Talent Boost Events for Companies

The Talent Boost network offers a variety of events for companies that are interest in hiring international talent to support their growth and development. The tools and services that are available to companies are showcased at the events. The network also organizes matchmaking events in which companies can find the people with the skills they need, for example, from a group of international students.

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International talents can find information, job openings and events in Turku region from Career in Turku & Southwest