Are you planning on starting up your own business or have you recently done just that? Is your idea scalable, and are you possibly interested in international growth? The StartingUp workshop, aimed at aspiring startup entrepreneurs, will take your idea forward.

StartingUp consists of two workshop sessions. In the first session, we take an in-depth look at what being a startup entrepreneur is like, and what goals, practices and steps it involves. In the second session, we clarify the central questions concerning your business idea, e.g. what the client base is, and what kind of value you aim to create. The sessions are held on two consecutive Thursdays. The working language for both sessions is English.

Subjects StartingUp covers

  • Startup entrepreneurship, resources, challenges, visions and goals
  • Assembling a team and leadership
  • Clients – who pays and what do they get?
  • What is my value proposition?


After StartingUp

  • you understand the premises of becoming a startup entrepreneur
  • the core of your business idea is well-defined
  • you will have defined your potential customer demographic and value proposition
  • you know what your next steps as a startup entrepreneur will be

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SparkUp – community and premises

SparkUp is a community and business premises that brings startup players, networks and events operating in the Turku region under the same roof. Co-operating at SparkUp’s premises are e.g. Turku Science Park Ltd., entrepreneurship organization Boost Turku, incubator Humak Creve for creative industries and Young Entrepreneurship, which offers entrepreneurship education programs.