Privacy statement for Turku Science Park Ltd’s project activities

1. Controller

Turku Science Park Ltd
Joukahaisenkatu 3-5 A,
FI-20520 Turku, Finland

2. Contact information for matters concerning the register

3. Purpose of the processing of personal data

Turku Science Park Ltd’s project management.

4. The legal basis for the processing of personal data

• Fulfilling of contractual obligations
• Legitimate interests of the controller or a third party

Turku Science Park Ltd’s legitimate interest is the management of customer relationship, provision and production of services related to the company’s operations, including arranging of events and taking photographs.

Data is only collected from the data subjects themselves, and the data subjects have the chance to decide to what extent they give their data. Photographing of events is informed about beforehand, and the photos shall only be used for the marketing and communication purposes of Turku Science Park Ltd (Turku Business Region) and its project partners. Personal data is only processed to the extent necessary for the implementation of the above-mentioned purposes and in the way the data subjects can reasonably expect when they give their data.

5. The origin of data

The personal data that is processed has mainly been provided by the data subjects themselves. Data may also be obtained from parties participating in projects, such as e.g. the data subject’s employer that participates in a project. Photographs from events are provided by the event organisers.

6. Disclosure and transfer of personal data

• Auditors and financiers
• Project co-ordinators and project partners
• The data is not transferred outside the EU

7. The planned periods for the erasure of different data groups

The data will be erased after the expiration of the filing periods in accordance with the financing terms of projects.