(Updated 13.4.2021)

Peer support and well-being

Discussion channels

Many organisations and other providers have set up new open discussion channels or opened their services to everybody. Distribution of up-to-date and compiled information is now more important than ever, and asking questions from and talking about things with more experienced colleagues or those in a similar position e.g. in a Facebook group will not only help to understand them better, but will save an important discussion for others to read later. It is also possible to correct false information and assumptions in discussions. The downside to this endless amount of information, especially for the smaller organizations, is that there is too little time to translate it into English. It can easily be old news once it gets to the website.

Entrepreneur’s support network and telephone service of V-S Yrittäjät association

Entrepreneur’s support network is a low-threshold confidential service open to all organised by Varsinais-Suomen Yrittäjät association in which entrepreneurs can discuss their problems with a support person. Calls are answered by support persons from the Business Mentors of Southwest Finland. Free of charge service 24h/day tel. 02 2757 112; there is also a form for requesting a contact. More information on web site (in Finnish only).

From crisis to path of renewal

Varsinais-Suomen Yrittäjät offers peer-to-peer and learning from others, innovating new business and exploring various opportunities from the Crisis to the Path of Renewal – Courage and readiness for change for entrepreneurs with the Southwest Finland project. It offers clinics as well as inspiring webinars. By participating in the coaching, you will get the tools for future and outline the steps to overcome the crisis. The renewal path is open to all SMEs operating in the region of Southwest Finland.

Find out more about the activities and register on this website. (In Finnish.)

Business Mentors Finland

The network of Business Mentors Finland offers SMEs free support for clarifying the economic situation. Business Mentors have long experience in challenges related to management of companies, and more than 1,000 entrepreneurs annually apply for support for business development from the Business Mentors through their website.
Link to Business Mentors’ web site

Mentor service of Suomen Yrittäjät entrepreneurs’ federation

Mentorisi.fi is a free service open to all entrepreneurs offered by Suomen Yrittäjät entrepreneurs’ federation in which entrepreneurs can find a professional to spar their business operations or help them cope through these exceptionally hard times. More on web site (in Finnish only).

Virtual community Yrittäjä.io for entrepreneurs

Yrittäjä.io is a virtual community intended for all entrepreneurs. The community discusses, helps and networks in its Facebook group and generates new business. The community is completely independent.
Tästä Yrittäjä.io -yhteisön verkkosivulle (in Finnish only)
Yrittäjä.io Facebookissa (in Finnish only)

Suomen Yrittäjät federation’s #ostapieneltä (buy from small companies) Facebook group for sole traders and small and medium sized entrepreneurs

Suomen Yrittäjät entrepreneurs’ federation focuses its answers on Facebook in this group and its Facebook wall Suomen Yrittäjät. Fewer assumptions, more information and caring.
Link to #ostapieneltä Facebook group (mainly in Finnish)

Empower Wednesday – Weekly online networking

The Empower Wednesday program is designed for international talents in Turku. The aim is to support them in their integration process and provide key information to facilitate their working life in Finland.
Local organizations active in the field of employability skills have put their expertise together to create a new intensive program for international talents. The program will run from September to December 2020. All events will be held online and in English. Enter Empower Wednesday from this link.

Mental well-being of entrepreneurs

The entrepreneur is the most important assets of their company, and mental well-being is a cornerstone of functional capacity and working efficiency. When you look after your own health and well-being, you can also better look after the well-being of your employees. Follow your own condition and remember to encourage your employees by setting an example. Many fitness gyms have been forced to close temporarily, but both paid and free fitness programmes can be found on the companies’ own platforms, on the internet and in social media. Just going out to nature will improve your fitness, make you feel better and clarify your thoughts. If worries begin to pile up and you feel like losing your strength, don’t stay alone but look for help. You will surely find it.

Mental Health Finland

Under this link you will find crisis telephone numbers that offer discussion help in Finnish, Swedish, English and Arabic.

Yrittäjäkilta (Entrepreneurs’ guild)

Joint webpages of Suomen Yrittäjät entrepreneurs’ federation and MIELI Mental Health Finland that offers e.g. podcasts (in Finnish) on different subjects. From entrepreneur to entrepreneur. Find Entrepreneurs’ guild’s web site here (in Finnish only).