(Updated 21.10.2020)

Labour legislation


Regarding labour legislation and related subsidies, insurances and charges, Federation of Finnish Enterprises (Suomen Yrittäjät) has compiled on its website a comprehensive info package that is worth checking out. The information on the pages is also continuously updated as more information becomes available about the application of the changes in practice and the application processes.

More information on Federation of Finnish Enterprises web-page here.

Directions for employers

The progress of the situation should be followed closely at all workplaces, and the level of preparedness should be updated in accordance with the progress of the situation and changes in the instructions of the authorities. In Finland, health-related official instructions are the responsibility of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL). Additional information for preparing can also be found on the website of the Finnish Institute for Occupational Health.

Through the link below you can find directions in English intended for employers (Source: Federation of Finnish Enterprises)
Coronavirus – information for entrepreneurs

Through the links below you can read more directions intended for employers (source: Federation of Finnish Enterprises, all in Finnish).

Tilapäiset TES-muutokset
Työturvallisuus ja etätyöt
Jos työntekijä sairastuu
Karanteeni ja matkustaminen
Työsuhde ja palkanmaksu
Lomauttaminen ja yt-laki

Change security from the employer’s point of view

TE Services help employers and employees in matters related to change security. Further information about change security and lay-offs can be found on the nationwide website:

TE Services change security (in Finnish)

Entrepreneur’s employment security

Self-employed persons can get labour market subsidy payments if they have stopped working as self-employed or if their income from self-employment is less than EUR 1,089.67 per month because of the coronavirus epidemic. They do not have to close their business altogether to qualify for labour market subsidy.

For self-employed persons wishing to apply for labour market subsidy, the first step is to register with TE Services as an unemployed jobseeker. After that, they can apply to Kela for labour market subsidy. https://www.kela.fi/web/en

Self-employed persons can apply for labour market subsidy for the period beginning 16 March 2020. The application can be made retroactively. In order to get labour market subsidy retroactively person must be registered as unemployed before 31 December 2020.
Register with TE Services as an unemployed jobseeker: https://asiointi.mol.fi/omaasiointi/ (in Finnish).

Self-employed persons do not have to close their business altogether to qualify for labour market subsidy. They can continue to earn self-employment income while receiving labour market subsidy payments, but any income will reduce the labour market subsidy.
Any minor children that the recipient may have do not increase the labour market subsidy. The amount of the labour market subsidy per day is EUR 33.06, and it is taxable income.
The temporary changes being introduced will apply until 31 December 2020.

Additional information for customers here.

The work requirement is reduced from 52 weeks to 26 weeks for those family members of self-employed persons who have no ownership in the business. The shorter work requirement is in effect starting from 16 March 2020 and applies to persons who have since 1 March 2020 completed at least one week of activity that counts towards the work requirement. This change will apply until 31 December 2020.

The experts of Suomen Yrittäjäin Työttömyyskassa (unemployment fund for entrepreneurs, syt.fi (in Finnish) provide services and advice on issues related to the unemployment benefit of entrepreneurs and families of entrepreneurs. Advice can also be asked by e-mail at neuvonta@syt.fi.

Entrepreneur’s YEL insurance premiums

To postpone the payment date of statutory YEL insurance or adjust the reported income for the insurance, you should contact your own insurance company. The customer services of insurance companies are busy, so it is advisable to use the insurance companies’ chat services and other contact channels. Most pension insurance companies have at least stopped charging interest for late payment in the current situation.