AIBA spring 2020 is moved to the autumn because of the Corona virus. Dates will be released soon.

Below the AIBA course program. Please note the sessions that are marked with the green color: These are sessions where we concentrate on your business idea and demos.
It is of help if you study the various links that you find in the course program. The first part is a general AI introduction and the second part will focus on your AI idea.

You need to have an idea of an AI service or product to attend to the second part of the course. This idea can be at any stage of the development. You will get help to define your idea throughout the course.

You need to register yourself via the registration form. This form contains all the information for registering you as a student at the university.  You need to register all persons attending to the course separately because all attendants will earn the student points and also thereby get the diploma.

Attending to at least 100% in the first part and 90% of the second part will give you a personal diploma. One diploma for the first part or one for both parts. Materials are handled out after the sessions.The maps to the different places for the studies are found below the timeline. Move back to the Turku AI HUB page here.