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A new survey of start-ups in the Turku region commissioned for spring 2023

During spring 2023, the Tribe Tampere Association will prepare a survey of the start-up ecosystem in the Turku region together with Turku Science Park Ltd.

An extensive start-up survey has been launched in the Turku region, which will bring together data on the growth, development and growth needs of companies in the region and assess the operating environment. The aim is to gain an insight into the overall start-up ecosystem in the region through the eyes of entrepreneurs.

“Start-ups with strong international growth potential have a positive impact on regional employment, the economy and skills. Through their innovation and agility, start-ups are reshaping industry structures and creating pressure for large companies to innovate. Nurturing and developing a thriving start-up ecosystem creates the conditions for new innovations and the success of start-ups,” said Niko Kyynäräinen, Director Of Business and Economic Development at City of Turku, explaining the importance of the start-up survey for the region.

Turku has a strong start-up community. Turku Science Park Ltd organises growth programmes for startups and future startups, including the BusinessUp accelerator programme. The photo shows coaches and teams from the 2021 programme.

Based on the survey, a public synthesis report on the startup ecosystem in the Turku region will be published in April/May. The report will be used to assess the service needs of start-ups and the current state of the ecosystem, and to develop services for them.

“Customer orientation is an important part of our approach. The only right way to develop our services is to find out the most important development needs of start-up entrepreneurs in the region, so that we can provide them with the best services to support their growth,” says Tiia Turkki, Director of Enterpreneurship and Business Services at Turku Science Park Ltd.

The data for the survey will be collected through a survey and telephone contacts with start-ups in the region. After the report has been completed, respondents will be invited to discuss their needs and the further development of business services in more detail.

“I am extremely pleased that the City of Turku considers it important to carry out this report. The start-up ecosystem can now be developed on the basis of feedback from start-up entrepreneurs. I believe that this survey and the work based on it will also bring startups in the region closer together and bring the startup community closer together,” says Elias Savonlahti, Community Manager of SparkUp, Turku’s startup community.

The study is commissioned by Turku Science Park Ltd and the City of Turku, and carried out by Tribe Tampere Association together with Turku Science Park Ltd. The report will be completed during April-May.