Eckes-Granini Finland Ltd reduces plastics by switching to paper straws

  • The juice production plant in Turku will switch to paper straws from the beginning of next year
  • A more sustainable material reduces the use of plastic by more than 10 tons per year
  • Paper straws are supplied by the Finnish Huhtamaki

Eckes-Granini Finland, which produces Mehukatti Luomu and Mehukatti TRIP® juice products, among others in Turku, will start using Huhtamäki’s paper straws from the beginning of 2021. The paper straws to be attached to Mehukatti juice boxes are food-eligible, recyclable and compostable, meaning that they are in compliance with new EU regulations. The EU Single-Used Plastics (SUP) Directive will enter into force in July 2021.

“As the most responsible juice producer in Finland, we want to lead the way by replacing plastics with paper straws”, says Juha Helokoski, General Manager of Eckes-Granini Finland.

The juice producer, which uses nearly 30 million straws in its juice boxes every year, can reduce up to 10.4 tons of plastics a year by choosing a more responsible material. “Packaging and material selected in line with sustainable development, in particular, comprise one of our company’s six areas of responsibility defined to help to protect our planet and environment”, Helokoski says.

“Mehukatti, children’s favourite, has the honour of being the first Finnish product with a paper straw. Mehukatti Luomu 2 dl juice boxes with paper straws will be available from shops at the beginning of next year. During next spring, paper straws will also replace plastics in classic Mehukatti TRIP® juice boxes”, says Nina Lindén, Brand and Communications Manager.

“Finding a properly functioning high-quality straw has required a lot of work and testing. It is wonderful that Huhtamäki has the perfect solution for us. Our mutual history goes back several decades; after all, Huhtamäki used to own Marli Oy in the 1980s”, Lindén says.