Experienced Project Leader to Helm Blue Industry Park

  • Tero Lahti adds to Blue Industry Park’s repertoire his long and varied experience consisting of things like Meyer Turku’s 300-million-euro investment project.
  • The 55-hectare Blue Industry Park strengthens the competitiveness of the entire Finnish maritime cluster and industry
  • The area is being molded into a global reference point for carbon neutral industry parks

The development of the 55-hectare industry park is proceeding as planned. Tero Lahti started as the new director of the park on 14 September 2020. His appointment brings in strong knowhow about project leadership, which he has built over the course of his career at places like Nokia and Microsoft. He has also been lauded for his lectures on the subject. Most recently, Lahti has been in charge of starting up and carrying through Meyer Turku’s 300 million-euro investment programme.

Tero Lahti started as the new director of the Blue Industry Park on 14 September 2020.

– Tero’s strong experience of project leadership benefits us when we are working on planning and developing land use as both aim for effective and smooth processes, says Niko Kyynäräinen, the CEO of Turku Science Park Ltd., which is heading the development of Blue Industry Park.

Kyynäräinen is quick to remind that with the investments made in Blue Industry Park, Turku is supporting the work being done to make the Finnish maritime, manufacturing and technology industries among the best in the world.

– A part of the Blue Industry Park area is sound in its planning and the lots are ready to be handed over. The second phase enters the decision-making process during the autumn. In addition, we are preparing the region to be a reference point for carbon neutrality that covers the entire global maritime cluster network. It strongly supports the city’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2029.

The region is constantly working to apply operational models of carbon reduction and circular economy. For example, Turku put developing the Blue Industry Park at the top of its list of things to do in the Carbon neutral and resource-wise (HNRY) project that combines the six biggest cities in Finland. The Kaarina-based company Carinafour is currently commissioned by Turku Science Park Ltd. to come up with operational models that would develop the maritime network in a more resource-wise and carbon neutral direction while also making it economically meaningful for companies.

– Blue Industry Park is an ambitious project, the success of which requires wide-ranging cooperation and the expertise of a seasoned project leader. That is why Tero Lahti being appointed as the director of the project is a huge step forward for us, Niko Kyynäräinen states cheerfully.