SpaceUp Acceleration Programme prepares for space business

  • Space technology and satellite data open up growth opportunities for business
  • At the beginning of March, Turku Science Park Oy will launch a coaching program focused on the theme
  • You can apply for the SpaceUp Acceleration Programme until February 26th

Finland is rapidly evolving into a hotspot for space startups. This is due to increasing opportunities in utilizing versatile space technologies to solve everyday business problems. Vast amounts of satellite data are easily available and building satellites are cheaper than ever.

”Becoming a space entrepreneur requires nothing more than understanding customer needs and how space assets can provide a cost effective solution for them. Opportunities arise from autonomous maritime operations, precision agriculture and fishing, to name few”, says TechTurku Network Manager Timo Huttunen from Turku Science Park Ltd.

Interested to become a space entrepreneur? Join the SpaceUp Acceleration Programme! We invite teams, individuals and established businesses, having a space tech related business idea to apply.

”In reference to space tech, we are referring to satellite data, satellite navigation or communication. It may also deal with technology transfer from space operations to down-to-earth applications. We also accept ideas directly targeting the space industry, such as building instruments or software for the spaceflights.”

The SpaceUp Acceleration Programme offers individual mentoring and training programmes. Training will cover topics related to business planning, entrepreneurial capabilities, how to sell your solution etc. The Programme will start on 3rd March and last until 27 April. Applications for the programme should be submitted by 26 February here. English is the training language and sessions will be organized in Turku and Espoo between 3 pm–6 pm.

The SpaceUp Acceleration Programme is provided by BalticSatApps project and is funded by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund).

More info from Timo Huttunen at Turku Science Park Ltd.