Anne Bergshoeff to lead Shift program and event experience

  • Anne Bergshoeff  has a solid experience in international event production and promotion of entrepreneurship
  • The appointment reinforces SHIFT’s internationalization goals
  • SHIFT will be held from 26th to 27th. in August

SHIFT Business Festival core team gets an international addition at the end of January, when the new Head of Program and Event Experience, Anne Bergshoeff, starts in her position. Bergshoeff, who has been working as an economic specialist, has solid experience in international event productions and promoting entrepreneurship.

During her career, Bergshoeff has deep-dived into the possibilities of new technologies. Smart utilization of new innovations can provide solutions to global challenges, such as climate change and social injustice. Experience in both technology and social sciences made Bergshoeff a strong candidate for the position, says SHIFT CEO Mari Männistö.

– We want to encourage companies to do intelligent business. By this, we mean that with the help of innovations and new technologies, business can be both profitable, and ecologically and socially sustainable. In 2020, we invest in the international growth of the festival, in accordance with the regional economic strategy. Recruiting Anne was a natural step on this path.

Bergshoeff is excited about her new posting in Finland.

– Over the past few years, SHIFT has quickly grown to be one of the top international business events in Finland. I’m happy to contribute to this development and I wish to harness my international experience for SHIFT and the entrepreneurs, says Bergshoeff.

Having studied at the University of Turku for six months during her bachelor’s degree, Bergshoeff is familiar with both the regional and national economic structures.

SHIFT is celebrating its 5-year anniversary in 2020. As earlier, the festival program will be built around future prospects of intelligence and its applications in businesses.

– Curating the SHIFT 2020 program is going to be fun. A warm welcome to all of you to come and experience the next shapes of SHIFT!” says Bergshoeff.

SHIFT Business Festival in Turku 26.-27.8.2020