Maritime Accelerator calls for an unprejudiced approach

  • The partners of the Maritime Accelerator 2019 programme started discussions with the selected growth companies
  • More Finnish companies among the growth companies and start-ups compared to last year
  • Rauma Marine Constructions is looking for AI technologies to support its manufacturing execution through the programme
  • Aimed at strengthening the innovativeness and competitiveness of Finland’s maritime industry, the Maritime Accelerator programme has started its second season. Awarded with an honourable mention from the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP) in Nantes at the end of September, the programme is this year looking for new, innovative companies to co-operate with Rauma Marine Constructions, Royal Caribbean, and Meyer Turku.
Sofia Tuominen is responsible for the implementation of the accelerator programme in Turku Science Park Ltd.

After the summer, the companies picked out the most interesting ones among hundreds of growth companies from around the world. In the first meeting arranged at SparkUp in Turku at the beginning of October the candidates for co-operation present were QiO Technologies from India, Hamwells from the Netherlands, and the Finnish companies Congrid and Wall Robotic.

“This year there were more Finnish companies that met the needs of the partners compared to last year. All of them were not able to participate in the first Boot Camp meeting, but discussions will be held also with them in the background. The goal is that they could be present at the second get-together”, says Sofia Tuominen, Growth Advisor at Turku Science Park Ltd.

Of our three partner companies, Rauma Marine Constructions is now participating in the programme for the first time. Executive Vice President Timo Suistio sees the accelerator programme as a modern way to find new resources and technologies for a traditional branch of industry.

“This first year in the programme is in a way a pilot for us in which we learn about this kind of way of working and practise our role in setting goals and presenting problems. The next time we can participate with a sharper focus. Anyway it is important to approach new ideas in an uncritical manner, and protect the ideas rather than eliminate them right away.”

RMC’s interest within the programme concerns especially solutions focused on producing and distributing information that supports quality assurance and management in the production process. Various mobile applications play an important role in them as they enable the distribution of the same information to all recipients simultaneously.

RMC:n varatoimitusjohtaja Timo Suistio (vas.) ja Turku Science Park Oy:n erityisasiantuntija Jukka Laiterä kiihdytysohjelman Boot Camp -tapaamisessa
RMC Executive Vice President Timo Suistio (left) and Turku Science Park Ltd’s Senior Advisor Jukka Laiterä at the accelerator programme’s Boot Camp meeting on 8 October 2019.

From over one hundred growth companies and start-ups, RMC chose two Finnish companies for the first Boot Camp meeting.

“We had interesting discussions with Congrid on the use of artificial intelligence in critical schedules and manufacturing execution systems. I particularly remember artificial intelligence and the additional information on its potential. Aiforsite missed this meeting, and we are planning to sit down with them in the next few weeks, before the next Boot Camp”, Timo Suistio says.

According to Mr Suistio, RMC has a positive feel after the first meeting.

“At this first Boot Camp we looked for and found approach angles from which we will continue in the second meeting at the end of October. In late November, at the close of the third Boot Camp, we will see what remains – I believe that it will be a pilot to be implemented in co-operation with a start-up.”

The implementation of Maritime Accelerator is the responsibility of Turku Science Park Ltd together with its partner Avanto Ventures.