Receive funding for space technology transfer down to earth

  • European Space Agency funds space technology applied in non-space business
  • Funding demands commercial potential
  • Tehcnical risk is also required

Do you have an idea how space technology could be applied in non-space business, but you are still uncertain about technical feasibility of your idea? European Space Agency has launched a call for technology transfer demonstrators in Finland for this cause. Call is open for Finnish organizations and individuals. In this call one selected proposal will receive 40 000 euros for technical development.

A Technology Transfer Demonstrator project will result in the measurement of one or more technical features that are specific to the terrestrial application of a space technology. These projects result in the development and testing of new hardware and software which increase the likelihood of the core technology being transferred from space to ground. Examples of successful projects can be found here.

ESA Technology Transfer Demonstrator projects will not be considered to fund prototypes, i.e. working models of new products, but for developments at an earlier and higher stage of technical risk. Moreover, demonstrators are meant to reduce the risk of tech transfer, thus projects that have not already proved the potential use in the proposed non-space application, are prioritized.

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